Obama KNEW!!!

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Newsweek publishes something about a National Security Briefing

    Gateway Pundit picks it up and runs original Head asHE KNEW!

    I like Gateway Pundit.. Jim Hoft has done a lot of good coverage on issues the MSM tries to ignore.

    But that charge is BULLSHIT! What that IS, is exactly the same as the August 2001 PDB {AQ will use Airplanes} which the Lefty {and far Right} haters tried to use to promote their silly conspiracy theory.

    And it really pisses me off when a conservative blog opens itself up to turncoat idiots like Charles Johnson.
    I even had to register on that site and point out the problem.. just as I am here.
    And I'm not the only one who sees the connection.
    What the BVD bomber shows up is what happens when a government bureaucracy is so politicized that it's more important to cover its own ass than to correct the original problems. Let's put those people in charge of Medical and Energy Costs!

    So... pissing off a few 'true believer' Righties aint gonna bother me much.
    I'd rather be right than Right.
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    Not really related:
    During the 08 campaign, Fox {I think it was O'Reilly} had body language experts on to evaluate the sincerity of several candidates.

    Here's a photo you dont need an expert to interpret... amazing! And it's on the WH flikr page, still.. so far!

    Oh.. and if you go to that original page, read the comments. Some of the early ones are purely mind-boggling.

    What do I think? If I was talking to that guy, I'd probably assume the same mannerism.. oh, wait. Havent I said so on here? So I guess I cant blame him for that, either.
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