New Years Res'ns

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Yeah, I aint gonna make any.

    Except to vow to keep on breathing comfortably as I can. That's what geezers do....

    Here's a cool graphic though on 2010 New Year’s Resolutions According to Women

    Looks like a legit finding of an extensive poll to me. Read the whole thing in perspective...
    'Chocolate, money and sex'
    Cant find the one for guys, though... whatta you expect would take the place of chocolate for males? More Sports? Probably.
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    Oh SNAP!!!.. I forgot to mention my on-going resolution to KEEP THINKING about stuff in the world.
    I highly recommend that to OTHER Geezers who may, in their dotage, retreat to only doing that about footy.

    Here's why:
    You're never too old to learn
    I freakin' REST MY CASE!
    If you think that's just a snarky snipe, then let me point out that it's REALLY important to NOT put up with, or even worse, DEFEND your big picture point of view, when opportunists on your side go astray.
    Like when someone makes a meal of simpleton points like a Presidential Briefing on Terror.
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