Munich Air Crash

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    Munich February 6th 1958 3:40pm

    I remember the radio breaking the terrible news of the crash. I remember my mum and dad being shocked by the news. Any loss of life is tragic, but the numbers dead and average age make it particularly sad. Out of the 44 on board 23 died. These included 8 of the Busby Babes.

    Roger Byrne, Geoff Bent, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards (died two weeks later from his injuries), Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor and Liam Whelan

    Johnny Berry and Jackie Blanchflower survived the crash but never played again. Matt Busby was seriously injured and had to stay in hospital for two months after the crash, and was read his last rites twice. Bobby Charlton and Bill Foulkes survived to play in the European Cup final 10 years later
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    wiki on it

    for the 'search term impaired':
    google search;
    england football team crash 1958
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    when I got to England in 1966, Bobby Charlton had a special place in every football fan's heart as a result of the whole Munich disaster. Not only was he hospitalized for a long time, but the knowledge of the death of his best friend -- Duncan Edwards -- was kept from him so as not to impede his recovery. Charlton played the rest of his career cringing every time he was called England's greatest player because he fervently believed that Edwards -- first capped at 16 -- was a far superior player. He never really go over his survivor's guilt.

    after the disaster, the entire football league took the team to heart, loaning ManU players so that they could keep enough folks on the pitch in red and white to meet their match obligations. When United managed to make the FA Cup final the following season, everyone in the UK who didn't support their opponents rooted for them that day. From the disaster, through the victory in the European Cup 10 years later -- and the World Cup victory along the way -- Man U was "England's team," and Bobby Charlton was every casual fan's favorite player. I know it was that way for me.

    here's hoping that there's no yobbish behavior at United's match this weekend and no more defacing of the memorial at Old Trafford.
  4. Martin-in-Nashville

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    It's 50 years to the day that many Manchester United players and officials lost their lives in the Munich Air crash, I know many of you are to young to know about this but this is British history at it's worse, please take the time to remember those that lost their young lives in this tragedy.
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    I right there with you bro, I didn't know too much about this tragedy until they had a brilliant piece on Fox Football Fone-in last night, but it was a real tragedy and I pray nothing like that ever happens again. I love what United are doing, against City they are going to wear "Throwbacks" with #s 1-11 and no names on the back.
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    It was quite a loss.
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    I am not old enough to remember the Munich Air crash but I can relate to it. Just over 30 years ago on December 13, 1977 twenty-nine people lost thier lives in an airplance crash including the entire University of Evansville men's basketball team. I was ten years old and I still remember crying when the televsion show we were watching was interrupted to relay the "breaking news" story.

    Any loss of life under these circumstances seems tragic but the loss of an entire group of people who are well known in a community or country somehow seems to deepen the scope of the tragedy.
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