Man burns pants

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  1. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    No Big Deal
    - Matthew 'Taking the Train' Yglesias, ThinkProgress

    Other notable sensible quotes:

    'The system worked. Within an hour to ninety minutes we notified all 128 airborne flights.'
    - DHS' Napolitano
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    Jan 6, 2005
    He's absolutely right. The few plots that have been exposed have made Al Qaeda look like a bloody joke of a resistance. Its obvious they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

    And Obama needs to stop his contradictory nonsense. Jesus Christ, I expect leaders to lead not backtrack on pretty much every statement you make.
  3. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Oh my. You TOTALLY missed the point of my post.

    To take Yglesias' view {and yours} you must assume inferiority of the mind in certain cultures. I make no such assumption. Because I have worked with Middle Eastern engineers.
    To take that position one must assume that they simply looked up some chemical formula in a cookbook of sorts and rigged it without testing. I can pretty much surmise that it WAS tested and multiple times succeeded in blowing stuff up.

    Notwithstanding, the agenda is terror and doubt and even if it fails, the thing succeeds. In THAT he is correct.

    And he is ALSO correct that we should not let it instill unreasonable fear, for no other reason than statistical probabilities. The terror aspect, however preys on our society's unreasonable assumption that everyone should be safe as possible everywhere. THAT is what leads to idiotic crap like 'nothing in the lap' and no getting out of seats in the last hour of flight.
    The plot {which definitely was not 'THWARTED', BTW} result may have been affected, however by the uncertainty in the Conscience of the bomber himself.

    .. or{/and}... and let me just address what you might call the metaphysical here, signs and portents that there IS a God.
    In other venues, that leading to humorous comment on why everywhere Gore travels to make a major speech, there seems to be a 'cold weather event' coinciding. Here, a less gentle nudge.

    When one relies on a teleprompter and rapid opinion polls what else would you expect?

    Just remember, Sarah Palin is in no way qualified to be within a heartbeat of the presidency. Nor is she. Dont you feel better, now?
  4. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    This week Dick Cheney blasted the administration for sending the wrong signals to the enemy terrorists.. oh excuse me, the Religiously Radicalized Socially Disaffected Insurgency.. by refusing to call it a 'War on Terror'.

    He said a few things about slip-ups and such but this was the jist of it: We are at war and refusing to admit it isnt going to shame the self immolating thugs back into their camel dung hovels.{Mainly because they aint from Camel Dung Hovels, they live in quite nice middle and upper class comfort, wherever}

    So irritating that the libs explode and Rep Dick Massa wants to debate Cheney on the issue
    Even on FoxNews. Oooh, oh, PLEASE DONT THROW Dick Cheney in that Briar Patch.

    Quicksand, hell, watch out for that circular logic, bub! Yeah, when you're canoeing down a river that thing'll suck you under, big time!
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