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    Jan 4, 2005
    The ACLU is considering censoring two board members for blowing the whistle, by public disclosure to the press, on other members who are apparently employing contributor and employee vetting practices conforming to Patriot Act, and which the ACLU is on record as being against.

    I, for once, have no opinion... because it makes my head hurt. [​IMG]


    Go ahead register...

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    And Wonkette, favorite blogger/ Beltway slut, of the DC Hip-Lib media, has a picture of Jenna Bush flashing "Hook-em-Horns" (Univ of Texas hand signal dating back to Beanies and Raccoon coats) ..... and managed to put in a reference to silly-ass "Skull & Bones" (Yale Secret Society/Party group) initiation rite of "drinking jew baby blood".

    No way?... Way!

    Man ... Why cant Drudge, Rush and lgf be that cool!
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    Interesting... from the 250 comments, no-one on littlegreenfootballs got her point, and I'm wondering if any of you get mine.

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