History Lesson for today: "Beyond the Blacklist"

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Thanks to PowerLine, saw this short review of a new book:
    Red Star Over Hollywood: The Film Colony?s Long Romance with the Left

    And that "Red Star Romance" continues to this day.

    - The Castro-love, by many including Spielberg.
    - Ed Asner: "I would love to play Stalin.. he was much misunderstood."

    It's not surprising that Joe McCarthy is looked on as a neanderthal pariah... he was a political hack who was vastly overmatched in both intelligence and PR acumen by those he set out to shine a light on.
    But that doesnt mean he was WRONG!

    As a counterpoint, how many recognize the name of Estes Kefauver?

    He led the OTHER great investigative hearings of the fifties, his was on the subject of "Organized Crime" and it's incursion into public and corporate life. And was the impetus and inspiration for Bobby Kennedy's crusade against Hoffa and the Teamsters.
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