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    Before we get into the review of Fulham's March, let's take a moment to thank March's site sponsor: @nevzter !

    Where Fulham Started March:
    39 Points
    6th Place

    March Record: 0W 2L 0D
    2 GF, 6 GA
    Points Per Match: 0 (1.4 for the season)

    Where Fulham Ended March:
    39 Points
    9th Place

    So, March sucked. I could probably end this post here since there is nothing worth remembering about the past four weeks. However, lets take a moment to explore exactly how bad the past month was.

    Fulham went through four league matches in February and only gave up one goal. Fulham didn't get past six minutes of play in March before they gave up their first goal on their way to giving up six goals in two matches. Prior to March, it took Fulham the months of February, January, December, and part of November to give up six goals. It was a steep decline defensively as Fulham struggled to find their way without Palhinha. The lack of points saw Fulham quickly slide three places down the table.

    And then there was the legendary disaster at Old Trafford. It seemed liked it was shaping up for a memorable win but instead, in the span of a minute, it turned into a night of ignominy. It has been 10 days and I'm still pissed about it probably because we're still waiting to see how much it will hurt Fulham. It is quite possible, maybe even likely, that Mitrovic will miss most of the remaining 11 matches for this season.

    On the plus side, Fulham has done well enough that even losing Mitrovic for the rest of the season would not prevent Fulham from staying up. Fulham still has an excellent shot at finishing in the top half of the table and even a faint hope of qualifying for a European tournament. Seven of the remaining 11 matches will be against teams stuck in the relegation scrap, while there are only three matches remaining against teams currently above Fulham. Yes, March sucked, but in the end it won't impact Fulham's primary objective of Premier League safety.

    A final footnote... I greatly appreciate all of our site sponsors, but @nevzter may need to be restricted to sponsoring the months when Fulham doesn't play. He was kind enough to sponsor two months, November and March, but those were also the only two months where Fulham got a total of zero points! I'm sorry nevzter that your months have been such downers. We need to give you an award for "Most Fulhamish Site Sponsor"!
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    As a compromise, may I sponsor only months that end in vowels?
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    I won't argue with this... unless you're counting 'y' as a vowel.
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