Fulham v Juve (18th Mar)

Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by sullytex, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. sfm

    sfm Member

    May 14, 2005
    Highland Park, IL
    As I watched from an airport lounge in Germany, how I wished if only Alex (the traveller) Ferguson could have lived to see this day!
  2. RobG4

    RobG4 New Member

    Jul 13, 2009
    Athens, GA
    Dear lord I missed it!! I can't believe it....

    I have to find a way to see this game. The local pub doesn't have GolTV or I would have them record it for me on the replay tonight =/
  3. dcheather

    dcheather Administrator

    Jul 29, 2005
    Yeay! But I missed the game. I guess I gotta miss the rest and just see highlights. What a goal by Dempsey!
  4. Kathy

    Kathy New Member

    Dec 1, 2007
    So happy! Congrats, FFC!
  5. Flamingcokecans

    Flamingcokecans New Member

    Oct 29, 2008
    Clemson, SC
    Still shaking
  6. jmh

    jmh New Member

    Jul 2, 2006
    Brooklyn, NY

    I don't even know what to say.
  7. Clevelandmo

    Clevelandmo Active Member

    Sep 13, 2007
    Wish I had been in the chatroom, wish I had been at the Cottage, wish I had been at home watching the match, but I was in a meeting at work. However, I still have something to remember. While I was in the meeting my office mate was emailing me updates of the match. I didnt talk to him about the match and I didnt ask him to keep me informed. He did this all on his own and he is a Chelsea fan. The last email was about Dempsey's goal and this is what is said

    actually I dont know if he said that or he just copied matchtracker's words but I dont give a damn - it was beautiful, and I wont forget it. Great, great day. Thank you to the Whites and Woy Woy, he is the Wonderman. I think that I am slowly turning my Chelscum fan officemate into a Fulham fan. Who hoo
  8. jimsig

    jimsig Active Member

    Jun 27, 2008
    I stayed out of the Chat Room, as I have not been there for a Europa League match. Actually the only other one I was able to catch was SD and I listened to that on a BBC stream. So I was watching the text on the Fulham site. Had to leave for work and through Facebook I was able to catch the result on my I Phone. Thank goodness for modern technology!

  9. timmyg

    timmyg Well-Known Member

    Nov 20, 2006
    we just saw an amazing performance.

    and even six hours later i don't want to leave my seat in the theatre.
  10. RDG

    RDG Member

    Jan 13, 2005
    I BELIEVE!!!

    OH, YES, I BELIEVE!!!!!

    :banana: :banana:
  11. andypalmer

    andypalmer Active Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    Baltimore, MD
    I avoided the internet after 2pm and watched it on DVR as soon as I got home.

    I was bummed about the early goal, but never got the feeling we were out of it. Bobby was playing with a chip on his shoulder, the Cottage crowd were crazy loud and it just kept getting better. Then, Deuce came on, and I had a feeling. Most importantly, I didn't want overtime because I hadn't set my DVR to record extra (imagine how much that would've sucked!).

    Then, Clint scores the wonder goal and I'm jumping around the house, scaring my kids, with them looking at me like I'm a crazy man.

    A great day to be a Fulham supporter.
  12. andypalmer

    andypalmer Active Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    Baltimore, MD
  13. CarolinaTim

    CarolinaTim New Member

    Mar 22, 2007
    The Triangle
    What a great day! Fulham beats Juve then I take my family to see my 'Canes beat the Crapitals. Life's good...Good night MAF, Good night Roy, Good night Clint..Thanks for everything.....
  14. OTHSLBrad

    OTHSLBrad New Member

    Mar 10, 2010
    going to my first fulham game sunday vs. man city. how great it will be to be a yank in craven cottage after dempsy's winner today. what an amazing game.
  15. BC

    BC New Member

    Jul 30, 2006
    Decatur, IL
    I was working too hard and completely forgot to follow the match online. So I got home, donned my Fulham jersey and then it hit me. I fumbled my iPhone out of my pocket, opened up the ESPN app, fully expect Juve to have won, and was stunned beyond belief at the scoreline. My wife thought I'd lost it :) Absolutely fantastic result. And for Deuce to get the winner...I'm over the moon.

    Sorry if this was posted already but it's too good not to:

  16. tim

    tim Active Member

    Nov 13, 2007
    Los Angeles
    My work schedule wouldn't allow me to keep tabs on this as it happened, so I self-imposed a blackout for the rest of the day, came home, and immediately pressed play on the DVR. My joy may have been delayed several hours, but I wouldn't trade this feeling for the world. What a glorious day!
  17. LaxAttack

    LaxAttack Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2007
  18. sullytex

    sullytex Member

    Nov 15, 2008
    Houston, TX
    Dude, it made the 2 Man United Victories seem like a quiet day in a park (well not really, but it was noticeably louder). My voice is completely shot today, I mean totally gone.

    I was sitting in the section where just about all chants originate from the Hammy end. The cat with the drum was sitting a few seats away. I never sat down the whole game and can't remember more than a minute with out someone getting something going. I personally think I started a big 'come'on you whites' chant.

    I put a huge bear hug on the guy next to me after the Demps goal. I think he thought I was bit nuts. He's right, I was. The place looked like a scene out of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest after that final goal hit the back of the net and I was R.P. McMurphy.
  19. Meggrs

    Meggrs New Member

    Nov 28, 2005
    San Francisco
    Just wrapping up the late replay on GOL TV--holy damn was Dempsey's goal a thing of beauty. And to give the WHOLE team credit, they could have easily fallen apart after Trezuguet's early goal, but from that moment on, Fulham OWNED the game. Just owned it.

    They earned it, they deserved it, and it was a complete pleasure to watch.
  20. LaxAttack

    LaxAttack Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    I just watched the very end of the second half on the download I linked above. Some great shots of the crowd after the match for a couple minutes while the announcers talk as well as Dempsey's interview I linked earlier.

    Damn that game was awesome. Sooooooooo happy.

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