College soccer--Change is coming?

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    Whatever happens, we're almost ready at our new pitch!


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    Ah, there's nothing like the smell of a new soccer stadium in the morning.
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    New field is awesome. Who knows how long a new facility like that goes in terms of attracting talent, too.

    That WaPo article is a lot to take in. Not surprisingly I have some thoughts :shock:

    Yes, I agree. Stop complaining about it. And take that attitude a step further and include high school soccer. If the USSF and Jurgen want to eliminate the expensive pay to play system in US youth soccer, high school is stop #1. Instead they prohibit it.

    In other words, we are now finally recognizing that college soccer is more useful than the non-existent MLS reserve league and doesn't cost us a thing so we want to use you but then tell you exactly how to do things. Who cares this will hurt some college programs and players, we only want the ones who can do what we say anyway.

    Serious div 1 players are training year round. They play in semi pro leagues in the summer where they are benefitting from playing against older, more experienced players. If they go to this 10 month season then they loose that and will only be playing against other college players the entire time - similar aged and experienced players.

    How are they behind their contemporaries in other countries? If they were as good as 19 year old Raheem Sterling then they wouldn't be in college. I find it difficult to believe there aren't lots of 18 -20 year old players in the lower levels of French, Swiss and English soccer who are at the same level as our division 1 players. In fact, I know there are because more and more of them are coming over to play college soccer in the US because they know that is a pathway to MLS at best and a coaching career at worst. We are behind another nations in producing world class players capable of going pro at a top club at 18 years old. That is all. It has nothing to do with college soccer, which has helped us catch up more than it has put us behind.

    Then stop complaining about college soccer and saying it is bad. Talk with USSF about that.

    This is already happening. It is people's choice to forego college but the USSF should not be advising players to do it. This is why children shouldn't be around professional sports organizations. I would prefer MLS teams have no youth academies, especially when at the moment many are not as good at developing young players as the established clubs that have been around for 30 years or more. Yes, MLS clubs are signing a lot of homegrown players but only a percentage of those players were with the MLS club prior to the DA youngest ages group U16 (now U14).

    Pro teams can play that many games in a week due to cups, Europa League, Champions League. I would think this would be a good way of preparing elite talent. Plus our USMNT coach certainly seems to believe in running players in to the ground physically.

    See last comment. College programs can juggle their rosters for the game load just like pro teams. Also, I think the "unlimited" (not really unlimited) substitutions in college soccer encourage play at a faster pace which has to be in the the best interest of player development. Plus more players get more meaningful minutes which is in the best interest of the US player pool. Don't know why unlimited subs is okay for younger players but not okay for college players who haven't developed sufficiently enough to be a professional player. And prefer the college clock that counts down and stops for significant stoppages in play; it is more transparent and takes power that could be abused away from the official.

    This 10 month proposal will eliminate college players from playing PDL and other semi-pro leagues when they are not in school. If you care about balancing soccer and school then let them train and play when they are not in school. This is BS, the USSF doesn't give a darn about balancing soccer and school. This is very clear with the way the have handled the Devleopment Academy.

    Mostly agree but you can't have everything. And this is certainly not reason enough for the changes proposed.

    agree with skeptics. This would hurt some programs.
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