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    From Popular Mechanics:
    Which Light Bulb Should You Pick To Replace Your Incandescents?

    Almost all true.. except .. On halogen: Halogens get very hot, so stay clear of fixtures.
    - true. I hate 'em they cause burns and in some fixtures may be a hazard if you aren't careful.

    That also means it'll take extra energy to cool your home.

    - That implies that because Halogen runs hotter it sucks more AC to compensate.
    No.. to the point of "bullshit!". We're assuming they are talking about bulbs of equal light output meaning a 43 watt halogen puts out same light as 60 watt regular. Doesnt matter how 'hot' the bulb is to the touch..*
    A watt is a watt and watts directly equate to btu. Thus to compensate for given bulb heating effect, you go here:
    So in AC extra capacity required:
    60 watt reg bulb for hour = 204 btu/hr
    43 watt halogen {same lumens as above} = 146 btu /hr.
    20 watt cfl = 68 btu /hr
    11 watt LED {same lumens as above} = 37 btu / hr.
    *And BTW. Havent looked close LATELY but prev I saw the halogen envelope inside a regular bulb, thus you cant touch it anyway.

    Until it goes out your window ALL house lighting converts {back} to heat. Still does outside except what goes into space but your AC doesnt care about that... much.
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