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    The Anchorage Daily NEws has a list of ten questions Charlie Gibson should ask Sarah Palin. The only 'hardball' issue I can see is on her cooperation on the 'Troopergate' investigation.

    Here are the ADN questions and how I would have her answer them:

    • You present yourself as a Republican maverick who took on your own party's corrupt political establishment. In November's election, your party is running an indicted U.S. Senator, Ted Stevens, who is awaiting trial on charges he accepted more than $250,000 of unreported gifts from the state's most powerful lobbyist. Will you vote for his opponent? Will you urge Alaskans to help you change Washington and vote him out of office? If not, why not?

    - Every American's vote is their business. It would be easy for me to say I will not vote for him, then do the opposite. I will say that I will not campaign for him or provide any support for his campaign.
    I urge every voter to do their best for not only the state but for America.

    • Sen. Ted Stevens' trial is still pending; he has declined to say whether he would accept a pardon from President Bush before Bush leaves office in January. Do Alaska voters deserve an answer to that question before they cast their vote for or against Stevens in November? What is your position on a president pardoning a public official before a jury has ruled on guilt or innocence?
    - There's a reason why this has been done in the past. The person under view's political life is generally over. I cant tell the Pres what to do, nor would I suggest that Sen Stevens seek a pardon. If I had to make the decision, I would not pardon.

    • Alaska Congressman Don Young appears to have won his Republican primary, even though you endorsed his opponent. Will you vote for your fellow Republican Don Young, who has spent over $1 million on legal fees without telling his constituents what sort of legal trouble he is in?

    - I think my endorsement of Rep Young's opponent speaks for itself. As for Sen Stevens, I will not endorse, nor will I provide campaign assistance and again, my vote is my business.

    • Why have you reneged on your earlier pledge to cooperate with the Alaska Legislature's investigation into Troopergate?

    - When I made that pledge, I had every confidence in the non-partisan nature of the investigation. Since the investigation is now in the national focus, there is, understandably, pressure on the democrats taking part in it to focus on issues and events that really dont have anything to do with the ethical practices of the Governor of Alaska. The panel is now apparently receiving legal advice from the Democratic National Committee, I think that speaks to why my administration has also engaged legal advice.

    • In spring of 2004, the Daily News reported that you cited family considerations in deciding not to try for the U.S. Senate: "How could I be the team mom if I was a U.S. senator?" What was different this time as you decided to run for vice president?

    - I think I'm on record in the local press that my whole family has a say in my campaigns. 2004 was one family vote, the family voted on this decision as well.

    • As governor of Alaska, you have not pushed for laws or regulations that put your personal views on abortion, same-sex marriage and creationism into public policy. As vice president, will you push to outlaw abortion, restrict same-sex marriage and require the teaching of creationism?

    - I'll let my record as governor speak for itself on that. I would like the latitude to be able to speak to my personal views on the subject, without it being politicized, but I understand that is not likely.
    I would like to point out that this is a case where I dont get equal latitude. A good example is on the right to bear arms and gun ownership banning. Our opponents say they will not take away guns, regardless of their personal views on the subject. Do I get the same confidence as they ask for?

    • If you were a fully qualified vice-presidential candidate from the get-go, why did you wait more than 10 days to face reporters?

    - Given the heat of the attacks against me, it was not in my, or Sen McCain's, best interests to have to reply to each and every one as they arose. As you saw, the charges were ridiculous and they were debunked without me adding to the noise. We also had family matters to resolve and it was important to sllow my family some decompression time. You can judge my competence for yourself in the remaining campaign and debates.

    • McCain spokesman Rick Davis told Fox News the media didn't show you enough "deference." How much deference do you expect to get from Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez?

    - I cant speak for Mr Davis' views, but I certainly dont expect deference from anyone. I didnt get deference in my Alaska campaigns, and I think I can hold my own here. As to international deference, of course not.

    • You have said victory is in sight in Iraq. In July 2007, when you visited Kuwait, you said, "I'm not going to judge the surge." In the March 2007 issue of Alaska Business Monthly, you were asked about the surge and quoted saying:

    "I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq. . . . While I support our president, Condoleezza Rice and the administration, I want to know that we have an exit plan in place."

    Define "victory" in Iraq? What is the exit plan?

    - First, when I was in Kuwait, the outcome of the surge strategy was not certain. I think we now have seen that making a definitive statement on it then would have been premature.

    I think 'victory', in the narrow sense, is already ours. In the broader definition, that is up to the government and people of Iraq.
    I think the administration and the Iraqi governemnt are doing a good job on negotiating the exit plan, if you wish to call it that. Not being privy to inside details, it seems to me the plan is done, the details are effectively up to the Iraqi's to decide the dates, places times and units involved.

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    Well, the first part is done.

    Sarah did alright... not spectacular. But Charley Gibson flunked!

    ... WHO KNEW!!!...

    ABC web headline.. "Palin would war with Russia". HAs to do with Georgia and Ukraine NATO participation. Yet her {McCain's} position is same as Obama / Biden's.

    Gibson took her 'prayer on Iraq' words from AP Bowdlerization. She did in no way say IRaq war is God's plan. Gibson flunks research and some viewers say ABC deleted that part of the question from West Coast broadcast.

    As Kirsten Powers says "Gibson Flunks Christianity 101"

    Actually Palin was weak on that, herself. She should have flatly denied that. Instead she wobbled a little when Gibson said it. Especially when he said {Those were your} 'Exact Words'.

    She knew they weren't and she should have gotten really hot on that, rather than nicely explain it.


    Judging from the clips I've seen and the punditry, a dispassionate look would seem to give Palin a 'C'.

    But it all hinges on 'show-Prep' and Charlie Gibson flunked it. As evidenced by ABC outtakes and stuff dumped down the 'memory hole' in MSM critiques.

    One surprising thing... the perceived Gibson 'condescending attitude', throughout.

    Whether you and I see it as such doesnt matter. That's the opinion of the 'PUMA' bloc, even those who dont plan to vote McCain.
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    Palin is flunk incarnate.
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