2022-23 Premier League Fixtures

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  1. MicahMan

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Things will start with a bang when Fulham returns to the Premier League with an opening weekend match against Liverpool at Craven Cottage!

    The rest of Fulham's schedule is available here:

    Fulham's first London derby will be at the Cottage against Brentford in the third match of the season, followed the next weekend by another London derby against Arsenal.

    The first mid-week match will come against Brighton about a month in just before the Labor Day weekend.

    After over a month off for the World Cup, Fulham will spend Boxing Day at Selhurst Park against Crystal Palace and then wrap the first half of the season at Leicester.

    In the closing stretches of the season Fulham could have key matches against Bournemouth (April 1), Everton (April 15), Leeds (April 22), Aston Villa (April 15), Southampton (May 13), and Crystal Palace (May 20) but with only Leeds and Palace at the Cottage.

    The season wraps up at Old Trafford on May 28, 2023.
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  2. dtowndough

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    Sep 24, 2011
    10/1 for Newcastle and 10/2 for Saints pointy football.
  3. HatterDon

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    I'm feeling good about the upcoming season. My only concern is that we have a 3-4 game stretch where we are off form at the same time as a "big name" manager gets fired AND the board decides to change horses. The 3-4 game stretch stretches [see what I did there?] into 10-12 while the gaffer figures out what to do.

    We've been relegated twice as the result of going after the shiny decoration on the Christmas tree.
  4. astroevan

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    Aug 5, 2013
    Virginia Beach
    What channel is covering the Premier League next season? Am I going to need peacock or something to watch?

    I’m not too excited about the strong likelihood that the team starts out in a big hole. I think the season will be much more comfortable if they’re not playing catch-up the entire time.
  5. MicahMan

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    Mar 4, 2014
    @astroevan it seems that NBC will stick with the same model they had this past season after they shut down NBCSN. NBC will carry select games, usually the featured Saturday match, with USA and Peacock splitting the remainder. To see all the games you'll need to combine multiple services or be a full-package Comcast customer. If you don't have cable, USA is available on a couple different streaming providers. When Peacock first launched it showed all matches on replay, but this past season only the matches that were shown live on Peacock were available on replay.

    NBC will have Premier League broadcast rights at least through the 2027/28 season.
  6. jumpkutz

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    I saw a headline somewhere that suggested that we, Crystal Palace and wet spam have the toughest season opening fixture schedule. Not only did I not read it, I disagree with the premise. Yeah, Liverpool's good right now with Klopp in charge, but we've more than held our own against them in recent contests. After scousers, Wolves and Brentford don't scare me, although we've had trouble with the Bees the past few seasons before they were promoted. Arsenal don't scare me either. I'm surprised Mikel Arteta still has a job, quite frankly. They've been mostly substandard, by their standards, anyway, and they've been a Jekyll & Hyde side for a while. We can beat them. And Brighton. Spuds away...not so much. I'm optimistic we won't get buried right off the bat. We should have learned some things from the past two experiences of getting promoted. Reduce those mistakes on and off the pitch, and I think we'll get a decent start. Even if we don't, it's a long season, 38 league matches, plus however far we can get into the cup competitions. Oh, and the schedule is heavily backloaded into 2023 due to the fall World Cup in Qatar this year. Marco pulled off nothing short of a miracle with such a late start last year in preseason. I'm anxious to see what he can do with adequate prep time before August 6th.
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