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  1. Morgan in California
    Morgan in California
    Heading to London in April, going to the Apr 4th Match... anybody else?
  2. Ricardo Cruz Jr
  3. Ricardo Cruz Jr
  4. ChiswickPhil
    ChiswickPhil FulhamDC
    Are you going to the match or watching it here in DC? Looks like we have the same occupation.
    1. FulhamDC
      I'm headed over to London tonight. I've caught up with a lot of DC area fans in the last week or so. Looks like we will get better organized for next season.
      May 24, 2018
  5. fulhamphil
    Recall my ESPN blogs of old? Such fun ragging Hughes, Jol and EPL teams - especially QPR! Am back now with condo in FL so see you around.
  6. Oakham
    In Slav We Trust
  7. 'Sota Dan
    'Sota Dan
    Fulham and Minnesota United. No more, no less.
  8. emiusaberbo
    A huge Golden State Warriors, CSKA Sofia, Manchester United and Dimitar Berbsatov fan
  9. nevzter
    Bye, bye, baby! - L. Simmons
  10. lisa hawk
  11. nevzter
    Thank you and .... Ah to be 27 agin! Today is the day and I'm just 365 shy of 40 - God willing - thank you again
  12. HatterDon
    HatterDon nevzter
    27 years old today isit?
  13. dcheather
    dcheather nevzter
    happy birthday nev!