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  1. Oakham
    In Slav We Trust
  2. 'Sota Dan
    'Sota Dan
    Fulham and Minnesota United. No more, no less.
  3. emiusaberbo
    A huge Golden State Warriors, CSKA Sofia, Manchester United and Dimitar Berbsatov fan
  4. nevzter
    Bye, bye, baby! - L. Simmons
  5. lisa hawk
  6. nevzter
    Thank you and .... Ah to be 27 agin! Today is the day and I'm just 365 shy of 40 - God willing - thank you again
  7. HatterDon
    HatterDon nevzter
    27 years old today isit?
  8. dcheather
    dcheather nevzter
    happy birthday nev!